Big cottonwood canyon was the perfect location for this snowy engagement session with Kyle and Mira. When we first pulled in I could tell it was a popular spot, and by the end of our session I could see why. Even with a crowded parking lot there was plenty of surrounding pines and open space to capture their love.

I actually worked with Mira for a few years so it was fun catching up and seeing her and Kyle together. They’re both a super outdoorsy and spend a lot of time hiking, so being in the mountains for their photos made perfect sense. But it got me thinking…

You know what makes for an amazing shoot? It isn’t your outfits, how you’ve done your hair, or really even a stellar location (although those do come into play.) But really, it’s all about being yourself. Be goofy, giggle, cuddle like you’re at home watching your favorite show together, and kiss like no one is watching.

I’ll be there to capture the real & raw for you to look back on.

Kyle + Mira | Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagements